About paul andrew

Paul Andrew is an author. He writes high fantasy and horror stories. In his debut fantasy novel, Ankathata’s Freeze, a troll lad, Frahn, has a chance to win salvation back for his people, who are under assault merely because of their race. Will the queen of the gnomes, the clever and conniving Sait DaVinia, stand against the “tall-eared varmints,” as she secretly calls the trolls, or does she denounce the hated and bigotry that flourish on the streets of her kingdom? Her official stance will determine not only Frahn’s fate, but the future of a whole land. Ankathata’s Freeze is a beguiling tale of the haves and have-nots and what happens when the have-nots take power into their own hands. 

His upcoming work Short and Not So Sweet, a collection of eerie poems and tales, is due out in October 2020.

He currently resides in Chicago.